OCN Level 4 Community Interpreter in Public and Private Sector

  • This course is suitable for both, unqualified and inexperienced bi- lingual people, as well as those who are working as interpreters but haven’t got any training.
  • Duration: 5-week course. Fridays and Saturdays from 10.00 hrs– 15.30 hrs
  • Cost: £485.00
  • Covers all 7 public sectors: Health, Education, Social Service, Housing, Benefits, Criminal Justice (Police interviews and procedures and Courts Northern Ireland) and Immigration.
  • Covers Private Sector: Employment procedures, disciplinary procedures, and grievances
  • Guest speakers, full preparation pack and CD with detailed information on all sectors.
  • In order to achieve the accredited certificate, the students will have a final role play at the end of the course and they will have to submit a portfolio.
  • Students will receive an OCN certificate
  • Introduces bilinguals to the interpreting business and presents them with an opportunity to start a career.
  • Gives you the opportunity to start working as an interpreter after the successful completion of the course.


Session Date Day Times
1 5th May 2017 Friday 10.00 hrs – 15.30 hrs
2 6th May 2017 Saturday 10.00 hrs – 15.30 hrs
3 12th May 2017 Friday 10.00 hrs – 15.30 hrs
4 13th May 2017 Saturday 10.00 hrs – 15.30 hrs
5 19th May 2017 Friday 10.00 hrs – 15.30 hrs
6 20th May 2017 Saturday 10.00 hrs – 15.30 hrs
7 26th May 2017 Friday 10.00 hrs – 15.30 hrs
8 27th May 2017 Saturday 10.00 hrs – 15.30 hrs
9 2nd June 2017 Friday 10.00 hrs – 15.30 hrs
10 3rd June 2017 Saturday 10.00 hrs – 15.30 hrs

Entry Requirements

  • Good spoken and written English
  • Cross-cultural knowledge and understanding
  • Some previous interpreting experience – paid, unpaid, formally or informally.
  • An interest in developing their interpreting skills to train as interpreters and
    gain employment

Assessment Date:

Monday, 24th April 2017

Assessment Slots

Please ring the office and you will be allocated to a FREE assessment slot.
Assessments last 45 minutes in total.


Holiday Inn Express, 106 University St Belfast, BT7 1HP

• Please contact the office by Friday, 21st April 2017 to be allocated a free assessment slot.
• Allow up to 45 minutes

If successful, you will be offered a place for the training.

What to do next:

  1. Please complete the admission form and email it to info@diversityni.co.uk
  2. Please contact Nicola on 02890 473737 or by email to: info@diversityni.co.uk in order to book your FREE Assessment.
  3. A confirmation will be emailed to you.
    (Admission form might be linked to here, or a form below to be filled in directly and emailed to us)
    Only assessed and interviewed candidates will be enrolled on the course.