LEVEL 6 Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) Preparation Course


When can I take the exam?

All five units of the exam, three oral and two written, can be taken in June 2019.

Registration is now open and runs until 8 March 2019.

June 2019 sessions dates

  • Oral exams:       17-21 June 2019
  • Written exams:  25 June 2019

How much does it cost?

Candidates must pay exam fees and a centre fee. Fees are reviewed annually.

Exam fees

2019 fees 
Unit 01 £227.00
Unit 02 £186.00
Unit 03 £186.00
Unit 04 £186.00
Unit 05 £186.00
Full registration fee (all units)* £680.00

Centre Enrolment fees

If you register to sit the exam at one of our centres, centre fees are arranged and payable directly to the centre.

If you register to sit the exam at Diversity NI, Belfast the following fees apply:

  • Unit 01: £55.00
  • Unit 02 and/or 03: £55.00
  • Unit 04 and/or 05: £55.00

T:02890 473 737

E: s.oneill@diversityni.co.uk


  1. DPSI is a golden standard for interpreters if they are serious about their career.
  1. DPSI is entered under LEVEL 6 on National Qualification Framework (NQF) – BA Level
  1. DPSI is fully accredited by The Open University and The Chartered Institute of Linguists
  1. The exam for DPSI is regulated by Ofqual.
  1. This qualification is suitable for people who haven’t been to University, but would like to achieve a BA level degree.
  1. DPSI is a lot cheaper than a BA degree in University. This is a vocational qualification. Diversity NI works in partnership with Universities who recognise DPSI and use it as an entry level to their Masters Programmes.
  1. What does it cover: The only qualification to cover both interpreting and translating modules.
  1. DPSI Covers 5 Modules:
  • Consecutive interpreting,
  • Simultaneous interpreting,
  • Sight translation
  • Written translation – From English into Other Language
  • Written Translation – From Other languages into English
  1. Pathways – Specialised Interpreting – Northern Irish (or English Law) and Health
  1. This qualification allows interpreters to become professional members of CIoL, ITI, NRPSI and will help them open their services to national clients.
  1. Students can attend a course. One Saturday per month from 9.30 hrs – 16.00 hrs
  1. Classes start from September 2018 – June 2019